NN NEWS::Distribution Of Shadi Mubarak Scheme Cheques In Karwan Constituency !!!

  NN NEWS::Distribution Of Shadi Mubarak Scheme Cheques In Karwan Constituency !!! On The Instructions Of AIMIM President Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi Sahab Today AIMIM Karwan MLA Kausar Mohiuddin Sahab Along With MRO Shaikpet Staff Distributed 185 Shadi Mubarak Scheme Cheques To The Beneficiaries Of Shaikpet Mandal At Falak Function Hall In Hakeempet.  On This Occasion AIMIM Party Corporator Haroon Farhaan Sahab, Senior Leaders And Active Workers Were Accompanied By MLA Sahab.

NN NEWS::Press note: The "Kothwal Kesari" - wrestling championship

 NN NEWS::Press note: The "Kothwal Kesari" - wrestling championship 

The "Kothwal Kesari" - wrestling championship being organised by  South Zone police concluded on a grand note here at Quli Qutub Shah Stadium on sunday evening.

City police chief Mr.CV Anand attended as chief guest for the closing ceremony and presented prizes,certificates and medals  to the winners.

   Under the ambit of community policing, for the first time the city  police has organized wrestling competition to foster positive and productive police-community relations.

  The championship had a total of around 260 participants including 14 women and 6 police personnel. The championship started on March 3rd, and over the course of the following days, wrestlers from different parts of the region showcased their skills in the different weight categories. The  event had weight categories of 50kg, 57kg, 65kg, 74kg, 86kg, and 97kg. The women's event had a weight category of 80-120kg.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. CV Anand said, "I am extremely pleased to see the success of the "Kothwal Kesari" wrestling championship, and it's great to see community policing initiatives like this that promote healthy competition and foster a sense of community spirit. The championship is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the south zone  and participants."

"Kothwal kesari & Kothwal cricket cup will be annual events here after. We will tie up with wrestling federation to make sure the points you  score add up to your rankings." announced the top brass.

The different grappling-type techniques and the striving of the wrestlers to obtain a position of advantage over their opponents enthralled the crowds.

Sri.Vikram Singh Mann IPS, Addl CP L &O,  sri.M.Srinivasulu, IPS Jt.CP Car Hqtr, Sri.Chaitanya IPS DCP South zone, Sri.Rupesh IPS DCP South East, Smt.D.Sunitha Reddy DCP HNew, Sri.G.Chakravarthy, DCP TF Sz  and other officers attended the program.



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